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Educational Conspiracy Theories

Which of these modern education conspiracy theories is your favorite? Which do you think are quite possibly real? I have provided below a modern movement in public education and one (not vetted and not politically chosen) website or blog which makes reference to the conspiracy. Should you choose to dig into a controversy, this will give you a start. I do believe that when the money is followed and the political investments are traced back, there is a strong possibility that all of these are founded in reality.

1. Charter schools (or the privatization of education)

Economics and Education: Charter Schools and the Corporate Conspiracy

2a. Technology in the schools (Bill Gates)Bill_Gates

How Microsoft will make money from Common Core

2b. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) (Bill Gates again?)

The Inside Story of How Bill Gates Bought the Common Core Standards

3. PearsonPearson

An Interview with Paul Horton: Monopolies, Tomfooleries, Conspiracies, and Skullduggery

4. International test comparisons (specifically the allegedly poor performance of U.S. students)

Do international test comparisons make sense?

Let me know what you think about these conspiracy theories, or perhaps you have a pet theory of your own to add?